How to choose oil and gas field trucking software

Oil and gas transportation has never been an easy affair. The tasks are dangerous and must be handled safely. These transportation tasks are time-consuming and need careful transportation of toxic and highly inflammable substances. The fleets used in the oil and gas industry are in a variety of shapes and sizes. The drivers generally transport various equipment. A significant number of fatal incidents have occurred on the road in the past. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 4 out of 10 workers and killed because of the accidents in the oil and gas sectors. So, a fleet owner needs to be very careful in oil and gas field trucking. The best way to curb the mishappenings is by using oilfield software and field ticketing software. Choosing an oilfield software and field ticketing software is not easy. 

There are many options available in the market but you have to choose carefully. Here are some ways on how you can choose a good oil and gas field trucking software. Good oilfield software and field ticketing software must have the feature of tracking the hours the drivers are on the road. The automated reporting of hours of services helps to find the location of the drivers. The hours they are spending. The hours the vehicle is idle and a variety of information. This information helps to prevent driver fatigue and hence eradicate potential danger on the road. Field ticket software must have the feature of choosing the best route and adhering to the optimized schedule. These help in avoiding congested areas and improving travel times. However, without a GPS tracking feature, it is impossible to know where the fleet is. Hence, the software must have the GPS tracking facility inbuilt in the system.Drivers who are good and follow the guidelines are great. However, these are not always the case. GPS tracking for the oil and gas industry is useful in monitoring the driver unexpected behaviors. Bad behaviors like hard braking and rapid acceleration are wasteful and prone to accidents. 

They can help in ensuring the fleet is operating in safe and efficient habits.Thus this feature helps to minimize future accidents. Effective field ticket software ensures proper GPS and fleet management of oil and gas. Regular maintenance prevents any faults and chance of future accidents. These tasks will ensure the vehicles always run in good conditions and it also increases the lifespan of the vehicles. Some of the major maintenance tasks to be performed are cleaning, regular servicing, engine adjustments and repair parts replacements. The above points are helpful in selecting an efficient Oilfield software or field ticket software. Using this software the oil and gas industry can experience great profits and fewer chances of an accident. No wonder software has changed the trucking business across all industries which also majorly include the oil and gas industry.

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